Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions LLC Secures First Housing Contract Through Partnership with The National Community Stabilization Trust

30 Apr Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions LLC Secures First Housing Contract Through Partnership with The National Community Stabilization Trust

Baltimore, MD — RPS Solutions LLC, a company dedicated to providing home ownership assistance to first-time home owners of Baltimore, finalized a contract on Friday April 27, 2018 for a property located at 9112 Bengal Road. The 3 bedroom, two story property built in 1960, sits on a 6,510 square foot lot and features more than 2,000 square feet of living space built in a modern-retro design.

The acquisition of this property, and future properties, aids RPS Solutions LLC’s mission to  distribute home ownership across the city of Baltimore at affordable prices.

Led by Kevin Seawright – founder of RPS Solutions LLC, the company has made great strides towards achieving its goal of healthy community development by availing affordable and custom housing to the diverse community of Baltimore, including those who lack access and resources to afford quality housing options.

In last year, the firm partnered with the NCST (National Community Stabilization Trust) to improve their ability to empower medium and low income earners in the community with affordable home-ownership options. The partnership, which is a nonprofit development program, is expected to increase home buying rates by introducing readily affordable property to first-time home buyers. With this relationship, the RPS Solutions firm is able to acquire locally available real estate property through NCST, early before they are marketed widely to external buyers.

Speaking during the announcement of the partnership with NCST, Kevin Seawright said that the partnership would benefit the local economy of Baltimore and strengthen its community by increasing affordable home buying options. Seawright was verbal in his confidence that the partnership is beneficial to the entire Baltimore community.

The NCST nonprofit organization rehabilitates and restores abandoned and vacant real estate property across the United States. Since 2009, the NCST has been commissioning restoration and demolition of property where deemed fair, while facilitating productive community based reuse of vacant property. More than 23,000 properties across the country have been allocated to nonprofit buyers with the goal of community development and improvement of lives.

RPS Solutions LLC

RPS Solutions LLC is a firm founded by Kevin Seawright in 2015 as a joint partnership, that is dedicated to acquiring, renovating and providing affordable real estate property to low and middle income earners of the community of Baltimore, Maryland and its surrounding counties. The firm constitutes of a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel in diverse fields of study such as finance, business and management.

RPS Solutions LLC has enriched people’s lives by providing custom modified homes for homeowners with special needs, seniors, families or those that lack the capacity to own quality homes. The company firmly believes that affordable houses and community development programs improve the residents’ economic status, therefore revitalizing the community and significantly boosting the economy.

RPS Solutions LLC has acquired, renovated and distributed several real estate properties within Baltimore and surrounding counties over the last three years.

Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the founder and a managing partner of RPS Solutions LLC, a company that offers a variety of service in the real estate industry including development, asset acquisition and management. Seawright is a management professional with years of experience managing and overseeing private and government organizations and projects in real estate development, and public education.

Currently in Newark, New Jersey, Kevin Seawright is a professional in accounting and project management. He has worked as a senior board member for Babe Ruth Museum, and has been an active member of several societies for administrative professionals.

Seawright has academic qualifications in business related fields, human resource and management, including a Masters in accounting from Almeda University. Seawright uses his vast knowledge and experience to empower his local Baltimore community with strategic and affordable allocation of resources. Follow Kevin on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

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