RPS Solutions LLC Takes Aim at Affordable Housing in Baltimore

18 Apr RPS Solutions LLC Takes Aim at Affordable Housing in Baltimore

BALTIMORE, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — RPS Solutions LLC a joint partnership venture founded in 2015 by Kevin Seawright,announced today that we have begun constructing and renovating custom designed affordable housing for residents inBaltimore and its surrounding counties. RPS Solutions seeks to work in conjunction with Baltimore area residents to raise the current city home-ownership rate of 67.6% to a rate the eclipses the state home-ownership rate of 48.3%.

Of the company’s recent announcement, RPS Solutions founder Kevin Seawright stated, “It has always been our passion to facilitate the reward of home ownership to individuals in Baltimore City. Home ownership is the most important aspect of strategic wealth development.”  RPS Solutions recognizes home ownership as one of the key components to providing much needed neighborhood stability and positive economic impact within the City of Baltimore and its surrounding counties. Seawright also commented, “RPS envisions partnering with Baltimore City Officials and Housing & Community Development to customize under developed housing units for first time home buyers.”

Home ownership is becoming more out of reach for many individuals in the Baltimore area, with the current median value of a home being $157,900.  On this, Seawright said, “RPS strives to support any individual in the Baltimore metro area who is searching for a custom renovated home at affordable prices.”  The prospect of home ownership offers individuals numerous economic benefits, strengthens neighborhoods and increases economic development in communities where these activities may be lacking.

In order to achieve their goal of surpassing the statewide percentage of home ownership, RPS Solutions will offer key real estate services including connecting mortgage lenders with individuals seeking their dream homes. These services will accompany construction of new properties and renovations of existing locations.

About RPS Solutions LLC:
RPS Solutions is a joint partnership venture founded in 2015 that constructs and renovates affordable homes.  RPS Solutions’ goal is to grow the amount of homeowners in the City of Baltimore and its surrounding counties to match or exceed the amount of homeowners state-wide.

About Kevin Seawright:
Kevin Seawright is an accounting and project management professional based in Baltimore, Maryland. Seawright has worked in the fields of local government, education, and real estate development in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

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